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Buttercream Cake

 Buttercream cakes only can be purchased by phone or email. We suggest pre-order by calling or email us directly to reserve your cake at least 1-2 days in advance. Design Cakes are perfect for celebration for Birthday, Baby Shower, Wedding and Anniversary.


Please visit another website for more custom cake design:

For normal standard designs of buttercream cake, you may choose from 6" / 8" /10" in diameter:

  • $90  For 6"     serving size 4-6

  • $110  For 8"    serving size 6-10

  • $130  For 10"  serving size 10-14


-Add $8 For LED light effect

-Chiffon Cake Flavor (select one): Vanilla/ Chocolate/ Earl Grey

-Fresh Cream Filling (select one): Strawberry/ Blueberry/ Mixed Berries/ Chestnut/ Oreo/ Chocolate/ Coffee 

*Please note that as the color is hand mixed, it is very likely that the color will be

slightly different from the reference photo.  

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